Montgomery County Barn Cat Project

Did you know if you turn feral (wild) cats into a shelter, they are killed if they cannot be trapped, neutered and returned?  These cats cannot be put on display at a pet store.  If you cannot pick it up and love on it, no one is going to adopt it as a house pet.

People with pet cats have trouble understanding that feral cats are basically wildlife.  Not all cats can be tamed.  These cats do serve a purpose.  They control the rodent and snake population.  Feral cats steer clear of people so they are not a health risk to the public.

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Spay & Neuter Your Pets!

Would you like a FREE barn cat to help keep the snakes and rodents away?

​​As long as you can agree to these 2 things, you can have a barn cat to help you out!
1.  You must agree to confine the cat for 14 days so that it knows where it lives.  You cannot simply release a cat at a new location.  It will not stay.
2.  You must agree to put cat food out once a day for the cat(s) so that the cat will stay.  This will NOT prevent it from catching vermin.

The Conroe Animal Shelter and Texas Litter Control have partnered in an attempt to find placement for these cats.  Just contact one of us and we will get you fitted with your very own shiny new snake catchin' cat!

Why is Texas Litter Control concerned with the ferals?

Just because a cat is not friendly to people, does not mean it should be dead.  The best plan for feral cats is to get them fixed and put them back where you found them.  A lot of the kittens who end up in our local shelter belong to feral momma cats.  They are found by a good Samaritan and turned into a shelter.  The problem is our shelters get so many kittens, many are killed because there just isn't enough room.  Cats can have 4 litters of kittens per year!  If you get them fixed, you prevent litters from going into your shelter where your hard earned tax dollars have to pay to kill them. Click here to read more about our Trap Neuter Return Program.

Are you feeding stray cats in your neighborhood but don't want to see them reproducing to the point the neighbors get upset?

If you have stray or barn cats and just need them spayed/neutered and vaccinated, there are 2 options:

1.  If you can afford to help pay for this, you can simply show up at the Texas Litter Control clinic any day at 7am with the cat in a humane trap.  We will spay/neuter and vaccinate the cat for $40 for Montgomery County residents and $55 for everyone else.  Pick up is at 3pm.  Don't have a trap?  We can lend you one!

2.  If you cannot afford the $55 fee, please visit our NEED HELP page to find out how to get a voucher.  

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