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Spay & Neuter Your Pets!

Application for Low Income Families

It appears you may qualify for a voucher.  Texas Litter Control has limited funding for free spay/neuters.  Many of our grants are targeted toward zip codes and/or species and/or size of pet or breed.  Filling out this application does not mean you have a free voucher.  If you qualify, you will be contacted via email with the voucher and instructions.  DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A VOUCHER OR YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING 100% OF THE COST OF SERVICES.  Please click on this link to see what we currently have funding for.

Vouchers are issued on a first come, first serve basis.  Vouchers are issued based upon restrictions provided by funder.  Please fill out the entire form with your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS.  We get hundreds of requests for help, so we do not reply to incomplete submissions.  You must follow all instructions on the voucher including but not limited to providing all documentation requested on the voucher at CHECK IN.  Failure to follow instructions or providing false information will void the voucher and you will be responsible for paying 100% of the cost of services.

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