If you agree to the above, please answer the series of questions and find out if you qualify for free spay/neuter services for your pet.

Pets entering into any adoption program DO NOT QUALIFY.  These programs are for owned pets ONLY.

Are you applying for services for a dog or a cat?



IF you QUALIFY for the grant, fill out the form COMPLETELY.  Including the ZIP CODE.

We are getting so many requests from people not reading and following directions, we will not longer reply if you do not include your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS INCLUDING THE ZIP CODE or if your voucher request does not meet our grant criteria.

We are getting hundreds of requests weekly and people not reading and following directions slows down our response time significantly.  We will reply within 7 business days if you have fully completed the voucher form and you meet the grant's criteria.

If you do not qualify, we suggest subscribing to our email list.  We send out mass emails when funding is available.‚Äč

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