Phase 2 "Get TLC Mobile":  We are looking at mobile options to get deeper into the community. We are fund-raising to purchase a MASH unit.  - DONE!!!  Completed May 2017  TLC is now partnering with the Magnolia School District to bring spay/neuter services deeper into the community.​

Pets for Life Community Outreach

This program needs to be implemented county wide, but we are starting to focus on East Montgomery County due to the number of animals that enter into our shelter from those zip codes.  We have been researching what other communities are doing and the HSUS Pets for Life Program looks like a good fit.  You can read more about this program by clicking here.

Pet Owner Hotline is a bit of a work in progress.  We have the website up and we are looking for volunteers.  The goal is to offer advice and resources to those thinking about surrendering their pet to a shelter.

Pet Food Bank

We are collecting cat and dog food for people needing assistance.  Many people contact us thinking they need to give up their pets because they hit a rough patch and can't afford to feed them.  Sometimes it just takes a couple of bags of food to get someone through a bad time.  Losing a pet is hard enough, but losing your job and having to give up your pet is the worst!

Stray Cat Return Program

San Antonio and other communities have implemented a huge stray cat program where cats who are turned into the shelter are fixed and returned to the community.  We first need to update the ordinances in Harris and Montgomery Counties.  You will see lots more on this shortly!  - MONTGOMERY COUNTY - DONE!  WHAT'S UP HARRIS COUNTY???

Texas Litter Control is always working on projects to slow down the numbers of animals going into our shelters.  Let's face it, once they go in, it is really damage control.  What if a little prevention is the missing piece of the puzzle?

Here are a few of the projects in the pipeline...

Montgomery County Spay/Neuter Expansion Project

Phase 1 "The Move":  Texas Litter Control is moving out of our little 800 square foot FEMA trailer and into a building.  This will allow us to increase our spay/neuter surgeries by 3,000 a year. - DONE!!!  Completed 7/15/15

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