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Marshal Beggs, DVM - Surgery


Melanie Kerschbaum, DVM - Surgery

Carole Price, DVM - Surgery and Wellness

Lauren Sanderson, DVM - Surgery

Denise Stewart, DVM - Surgery and Wellness

Kellye Thompson, DVM - Wellness

Jamie Zimmerman, DVM - Surgery

Texas Litter Control uses relief Veterinarians on days our regular Veterinarians are off.  Relief Vets are screened by TLC or a relief service.  All relief Vets are licensed with the State of Texas.

TLC Veterinarians

Texas Litter Control does not share your information with any third party without your written consent.


Vice Piggy of Operations


Chief Canine Officer

TLC Key Staff

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TLC Mission Statement

We set up Texas Litter Control to service the many animals and people in need within our great community.  The goal is to get help our local shelters by providing much needed low cost spay/neuter services to the general public.  Everything about Texas Litter Control is set up to accommodate the needs of the animals and to make the clinic as comfortable as possible.  I hope you find our clinic as awesome as we try to make it.  If you like our service, please help us get the word out about low cost spay/neuter and how important it is to fix your pets!  If you found issue with anything, please let me know.   We are always trying to improve our service levels.  We look forward to serving you and your pets!


Deana Sellens, Executive Director Texas Litter Control

TLC Privacy Policy

Texas Litter Control is a high quality, low cost veterinary clinic, adoption center, pet food bank, and shelter support program for companion animals.  Our mission is to eliminate the suffering of companion pets in Texas by:

  • educating the public on the importance of spaying/neutering and proper pet healthcare;
  • providing a low cost solution available to the general public for spay and neuter and basic wellness services;
  • providing extended pet healthcare to income and program qualified individuals;
  • providing adoption options for fully vetted pets to the public;
  • providing alternative solutions such as healthcare, food and other basic needs to pet owners considering surrendering a pet to a local shelter;
  • providing a networking and educational forum for animal welfare organizations to work together;
  • providing high quality, high volume spay/neuter surgery training for Veterinarians; and
  • mentoring other animal welfare groups to open clinics in other under serviced areas.

TLC Board of Directors


Pepper oversees the operations of the organization.  He is the official office pig.  He enjoys chasing people around the sanctuary and eating a lot.


Reggie is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix.  He oversees the animals' comfort and helps out at events. He also answers all of the emails for TLC.

A Message from our Executive Director

Deana Sellens - President and Executive Director

Courtney Hall - 1st Vice President and Secretary

Melissa Bargainer - Vice President

RaDonna Marek - Vice President

​Texas Litter Control strives to conquer the pet overpopulation problem by providing low cost services to the general public.

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