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Cats (Not Feral)22423640382848505169686180809021
Trap Neuter Return (Feral Cats)69478884315621832216741054479


Sterilization Totals4,9466,8807,11310,07711,11714,23618,34619,647


Adoptions (Cats and Kittens)

Live Outcomes02563438511080734817718
Other Outcomes011060791138443
Save Rate*100%96.21%100%94.58%92.93%87.54%91.36%93.58%

​​*Texas Litter Control counts all animals we accept for adoption and into sanctuary including neonatal kittens and terminally ill cats with just a few months to live.  All lives matter to us.  We do not euthanize unless an animal is suffering with no other option.  Any cat who dies in our care are counted in other outcomes and count against our save rate including sanctuary animals.  2018 was a terrible year for our organization as far as disease outbreak.  We were hit hard with a panleuk outbreak as a result from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.  We lost over 40 cats and kittens to this outbreak.

TLC Milestones

January 17, 2021 - TLC moves Old Magnolia clinic into larger facility at Four Corners in Tomball.

October 2019 - TLC establishes the first Amenity Program Partnership with local apartment communities.

​February 12, 2019 - TLC opens third high volume spay/neuter clinic in North Houston.

August 1, 2018 - TLC began a high quality, high volume surgical training program for Veterinarians.

January 20, 2018 - TLC opened our second location at the Abandoned Animal Rescue shelter in Magnolia.

December 2017 - After our clinic flooded during Hurricane Harvey, we were able to double our surgical and wellness capacity when we rebuilt the Spring Ridge location.

February 2017 - TLC hosted the First Annual United Pet Rescuers Conference to begin bringing the animal welfare community together.

August 2016 - The Montgomery County Animal Shelter confirmed that since TLC opened, we have reduced the cat and dog total intake at the shelter by almost 600 animals per month during their peak intake months! - TLC performed our 25,000th sterilization surgery! - TLC performed our 1,000th cat adoption!

June 2016 - TLC and Montgomery County became a Fellow Partner with Target Zero.

May 2016 - The Community Cat Program was born.  Montgomery County signed a contract allowing TLC to remove stray cats from the shelter and then spay/neuter, recover and release them to the address from where they came.

April 2016 - The website was created. - A pet food bank was established at the TLC clinic.

​January 2016 - TLC purchased a second surgical table and anesthesia machine to increase surgical capacity.

September 2015 - Texas Litter Control began working to update the Montgomery Animal Control Ordinance and create a Community Cat Program.

July 2015 - TLC moved from the 800 square foot trailer into a 3,200 square foot building.

March 2014 - TLC opened our first cat adoption center at the Willowbrook Petsmart.

January 4, 2014 - TLC performed our 5,000th sterilization surgery!

April 13, 2013 - TLC performed our 1,000th sterilization surgery!

February 5, 2013 - Texas Litter Control opened the high quality, low cost spay/neuter clinic in an 800 square foot trailer.

September 4, 2012 - Texas Litter Control was formed as a Texas Non Profit Corporation and 501c3 public charity.