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Community Cats from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, recovered then returned to the address provided to MCAS when the cat was surrendered.  MCAS photographs all of these cats and lists them on Pet Harbour.  Please feel free to come to the clinic where the cats are being kept or email us a photo and we will look for your cat.  If you are missing a cat and want us to put a photo in our receiving area, please email it with your address to reggie@texaslittercontrol.org.  We actively look for people's pets every day.

Where does TLC get our cats?

1.  We try to help people trying to do the right thing.  If someone finds a cat or a litter and is willing to foster... we can help.

2.  We are a bunch of suckers for people who have died or have gone into an assisted care facility.  Many people just don't have family or have family members who just won't step up and help.

3.  If animal control calls us for a specific situation...hoarding, senior cats, hissy kittens too little to go up for adoption, and FIV positive cats.  The animal control officers know when a cat has no chance.  We listen to animal control.

4.  Length of stay...  This means the shelter is out of cage space and the cat has been in the shelter the longest.  These are the first to be put to sleep.  Texas Litter Control is all about the under dogs.  We do not discriminate due to fur color or age.

So where are we going with this?  Many of our cats are plain, shy and old.  That pretty much describes us and our really good human friends.  These little personality quirks does not mean a cat should die!  We could pick you out a bunch of boring designer cats, but that would be no fun!  Black cats and brown tabbies are the best pets anyways!!!