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Spay & Neuter Your Pets! 

Property owners/managers, contact Deana at dsellens@texaslittercontrol.org to join the coalition!


​​​Coalition for Pet Responsible Property Management Companies

Pet homelessness has been an ongoing issue for property owners in the Houston area.  This is a problem for residents, owners, managers and our local shelters.  Texas Litter Control has started a coalition to benefit property management companies and help everyone combat this ongoing issue.


Benefits to Property Management Companies:

  • You will be providing a new amenity to your residents.  Once you join the coalition, your residents only need to show a copy of their lease showing they have paid their pet deposit and TLC will spay or neuter the pet at no charge.  TLC will also provide a coupon for a free vet exam for residents whose pets are already spayed/neutered.
  • Your logo will be displayed on the TLC home page of our website as a community partner.
  • Your properties will be listed on the Pet Friendly Housing page of the TLC website.
  • A link to the Pet Friendly Housing page will be listed on our email list every time we send out a blast to our supporters.  This list is over 25,000 strong.
  • Spayted/neutered pets helps cut dowsen on damage to your units.  Digging at carpet, spraying/urinating and bite cases are mostly caused by unaltered pets.  Did you know that 70% of all dog bite cases are caused by unneutered male dogs?
  • When a person moves or a pet escapes, if the pet is fixed, you are not having to deal with litters of kittens or puppies.  You just have to deal with the one pet.  Did you know that cats can have up to 4 litters of kittens per year?
  • This effort will ultimately help our shelters which will save us all on tax dollars.
  • 38.4% of households own a dog and 25.4% of households own a cat.  Advertising a pet friendly amenity opens up to a huge market.
  • AND... If you just don't like animals at all... Spaying/neutering makes less of them so we all win!

What you need to do...

To join, simply email dsellens@texaslittercontrol.org with the list of your properties and your logo.

We will add everything to our websites and lists.  All we ask in return is to display a banner promoting the amenity and pass out our flyers as a community resource to your residents.  All of the promotional materials will be provided by TLC.  Promotional materials will be delivered monthly.