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Texas Litter Control is now offering expanded services to limited income individuals.  We are not in the position to offer free services at this time, but we will be offering additional low cost services.  These services are open to individuals in households making $45,000 per year or less, individuals making $31,200 or less, anyone on public assistance and anyone on Social Security.  Proof of income, proof of public assistance or proof of Social Security will be required at check in.

Please fill out the following Income Test Form form prior to your appointment and present it at check in: **this is NOT a voucher and does not give you free or discounted services**


If you do not qualify, but are in a financial hardship and cannot pay for veterinary care, we will still consider your situation.  If you would like to be considered for help, please complete the Special Request Form and email it to Help@HelpMeKeepMyPet.com.


These services are offered during all wellness hours at our Spring location and Monday - Friday.  These hours can be found under the Directions/Hours tab of this website.  YOU MUST CALL TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.  PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR ONLINE SYSTEM TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

Services are not limited to the following services.  TLC tries to be as transparent as possible.  We are providing estimates for some of the extended services we are offering. These prices are estimates.  Pricing subject to change without notice.

Vet Exam Fee - $35

Minor Injuries No Sedation - $35 - $70

Minor Injuries Sedation Required - $90 - $170

Eye Injuries - $25 - $35

Eye Removal - $100 - $150

Upper Respiratory Infections - $35 - $70

Urinary Tract Infections - $30 - $75

Gastro Issues - $30 - $80

Cytopoint - $27-$42

Cats in Kidney Failure (Maintenance) - $20 per supply pack

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