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FIV is NOT Cat AIDS and is not transmittable to humans.

Texas Litter Control is home to over 20 FIV "positive" cats.  Many are adoptable and really need homes.  There are many myths surrounding FIV and our goal is to begin reeducating the public about the virus and placing these cats into forever homes.

FIV is the most misunderstood condition for kitties.  Unfortunately the most deadly thing about FIV is lack of knowledge of the Veterinary community.  So many cats are killed every year for no reason.  Properly cared for FIV cats can live a normal lifespan.  It is very difficult for a cat to spread FIV.  It is highly unlikely for a spayed/neutered cat not forced to fight for food to spread the virus.  Our sanctuary does not separate our FIV cats and we have never had a cat spread it.  If a cat is exposed to FIV or has had the FIV vaccine, it will cause them to test positive for the disease even if they are not positive!

This website in wonderful in breaking down all of the myths and why FIV is so grossly misunderstood:  FIVCats.com.  We hope you take the time to read more and help us get these wonderful cats homes.

Please review these case studies.  There is finally some research happening for these poor kitties.  There are now 2 good case studies showing it is ok to blend cats testing positive into households with other cats.

FIVCat.com Research Page - 1000's of healthy cats!

Lister FIV Case Study