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Resources for Re-homing Your Pet

TLC is no longer taking pets from the public into our adoption program.  The shelters are overrun and we have refocused our mission to better help our local shelters.  The pets in our local shelters have limited time due to the limited resources in our community.  These animals are in immediate danger.  

As an individual, you have more time to search for homes and have more resources to offer to provide for these animals.  The animals are also less likely to get sick.  You are not going to euthanize a pet because you have too many.  The shelters don't have that luxury.  If you are trying to find a home for a pet, consider getting it fixed and provide it food and water.  Free spay/neuter services are available for people feeding stray cats.  It is better for a cat to live outdoors than to end up at a shelter or take a home from a cat already in a shelter.

Here are some helpful resources and tips in re-homing cats/kittens.  Make sure you remind adopters to spay/neuter:

You will hear all kinds of crazy urban myths when re-homing pets.  We have formal applications, interviews and contracts and nothing in life is full proof.  One thing is certain... our shelters cannot handle the current capacity and you re-homing a pet is much safer than turning it into a shelter!!!!!  ALL local shelters are SERIOUSLY OVER CAPACITY.  They have no choice other than to euthanize animals.  YOU CAN HELP them by getting creative and re-homing these animals on your own.  The animals are all of our responsibilities.  Rescuing is not just picking an animal up and dumping it on someone else.

We understand that you cannot always help.  Shelters are for extreme situations.  They are not for a couple of weeks of inconvenience to a person.  Try to re-home first.  We hope this gives you a lot to think about and we hope you help spread the word about the current state of our shelters and the animals in our community.


Deana Sellens

Founder and Executive Director

Texas Litter Control