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The TLC Sanctuary is officially relocated.  Due to the high volume of requests to relocate feral cats, we are no longer accepting feral cats from the general public.  We are still accepting FIV and feline leukemia cats.  If you are with a shelter or animal control, we can still help you with feral cats.  Please do not contact us concerning relocating feral cats unless you are a shelter employee.

The TLC Sanctuary for Cats

TLC is home to displaced and terminally ill kitties.

Feral Cats...It is always best to leave a feral cat where it is and just get it fixed.  We do not recommend relocating ferals.  Everyone has lots of good reasons why a feral cat cannot stay where it is at.  We cannot relocate every feral in the county.  If you want to help the ferals, please trap, neuter and return them.

FIV kitties...There is so much bad information about FIV.  Many cats are killed because of this bad information.  There is nothing wrong with these kitties.  They should be in homes, but unfortunately many Vets encourage just killing them.  The truth is they live long lives and they don't spread the disease unless they get into a horrible cat fight.  Spayed/neutered cats who are being fed just don't spread the disease.  We end up with a lot of the FIV kitties because people just don't know better.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FIV AND HOW TO ADOPT ONE OF THESE LOVELY KITTIES.

Feline Leukemia kitties...FeLV is a deadly disease.  We house these kitties in a separate habitat from the other cats.  They typically don't live very long.  We are happy to say we have a kitty who is over 9 years old and we have had him his whole life.  Good care and proper diet do help extend their lives.

Disabled and geriatric kitties...We are only accepting kitties who can live outside and do not require a special diet.  All of our sanctuary cats have access to an indoor/outdoor environment with cat proof fencing.

Adoptable cats...Our adoptable kitties aren't allowed outside because they deserve to have happy, indoor homes with people who love them.  These cats are housed in our adoption centers.  Click here to see our adoptable cats.