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Community Cat/Feral Cat Prices


Community Cats are neighborhood cats who may or not be wild/feral.  People feed and care for them, but they need to be fixed so that unwanted litters of kittens do not end up in your neighborhood.  Removing these cats is a big mistake.  These cats keep other cats out of the area.  The only way to control the cat population in your neighborhood is through spay/neuter. 

If you are a Montgomery or Harris County resident and you cannot afford the cost, contact us via phone or email reggie@texaslittercontrol.org.  Additional subsidies are available.  Please note, there are no subsidies for residents for the City of Conroe, City of Willis and City of Humble.

No other discounts can be applied to this package.
ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  If you cannot afford our low cost clinic pricing and are on public assistance, please visit our NEED HELP page for more options.

$60 Community Cat Package - The Community Cat/Feral Cat Package includes the spay/neuter surgery, a 24 hour NSAIDs injection, rabies vaccination, FVRCP, ear mite treatment, and there are no additional charges for pregnant/in heat/lactating.

The rules are very specific and no exceptions are madeIf you ask for an exception, you will be charged full price.  Please note, the free micro-chips do not come with this package.

  1. These cats must come in live humane traps – we will not accept stray cats in pet taxis.  **ONE cat per trap** If you do not have a trap, you can get a loaner trap from TLC.  Loaner traps require a $75 deposit and must be returned within 15 days or the deposit is not refundable.  Please call ahead and make sure we have a loaner trap available.
  2. Texas Litter Control will ear tip the cat.  We cut approximately 1/4″ to 1/2″ of the cats ear.  This signifies to animal control that the cat is sterilized and has received a rabies shot.
  3. These cats do not receive a vet exam prior to surgery.​