TLC is no longer accepting applications for this program.

TLC House Rules
TLC handles many pets (up to 100 a day).  We understand that it is easy to bring in a sick animal by mistake, however if it happens on a regular basis, we will discontinue the relationship with your organization.  We can’t have sick animals getting owned pets sick.  It damages our reputation and many community animals will go unaltered.  Please do your best to only bring healthy animals in for surgery.

You will need to make sure whoever is bringing the animals in has an order form or voucher at check in.  You will be expected to have all animals clearly labeled either by collar bands (dogs) or tape on pet taxis (cats or dogs).  We can only offer discounts to groups we can check in efficiently and accurately.  Please have only one pet per pet taxi.

If your organization brings an animal in with a flea infestation, the pet will be treated for fleas and you will be billed for this treatment.

Texas Litter Control does not service aggressive dogs.  Please take any aggressive dogs to a full-service veterinarian.

Cat check in is at 7:00am and dog check in is at 7:30am.  We will not accept any animals after 8:15am.  If you are dropping off late, you will need to make arrangements with the staff prior to the appointment date.

Pick up times are stated on the website  You will be charged a late fee per animal if you pick up late.

Texas Litter Control only partners with organizations who respect all rescue efforts within the community.  We will discontinue partnering with any organization whose volunteers are found undermining other organizations and shelters’ lifesaving efforts.  We can only accomplish our missions if we work together!

We use licensed Veterinarians.  Volunteers will be asked to leave and possibly banned if they provide Veterinary advice to any Texas Litter Control clients.

We expect our staff to be courteous and respectful to all clients and we expect the same in return from the clients.

Voucher Programs and Owned Pets
If you are approved to issue vouchers to owned pets, we will be honoring the volume pricing for these programs.  Everyone will be required to use our standardized voucher.  Just put your organization’s name and logo at the top.  Again, your organization must be pre-approved by Deana Sellens.  If not, the staff will not honor the voucher.  We will provide a Word document form of the voucher.  We suggest when you fill out the voucher, you print it to a pdf file before emailing it so the client does not try and change the info on the voucher.  TLC will bill you for whatever is on the voucher.

If you have not been pre-approved to issue vouchers, discounts for volume clients are for rescue program animals only.  Owned pets are not eligible for this discount.  There are 2 major reasons for this.  TLC has grant money for vouchers for owned pets.  They just need to contact us directly.  Some groups were charging TLC’s full price then getting their discount in order to raise money for their organizations.  In the process, they put our organization and our Veterinarians’ licenses in a terrible situation from a liability standpoint.  All owners must sign a Surgical Release Form.  If we have a complication, there is critical information in that release form that protects us and you.  For these reasons, if we find out an organization is using their discount on an owned pet, the organization will not be eligible for any future discounts permanently.  There will be no second chances no matter what the excuse.

Sponsored Days/Grants
If you are writing a grant for sponsored days, you will need to let Deana Sellens know prior to submitting your grant.  You will need an approval letter from us stating the pricing you will be charged.

Payments from Volume Clients
The contact email address for all billing issues is

All key entered credit card payments and payments through the website will be assessed a 5% service fee.  Pin debit (in person debit transactions where the card is swiped and you enter your pin number), check and cash payments will not.  Checks can be dropped off in person at any location or mailed to:

Texas Litter Control
PO Box 2537

Spring, TX 77383

Volume Pricing – Effective May 1, 2019 – All pricing is subject to change without notice.
Approved volume clients will receive…
…a 20% discount on surgical services with the exception of the Community Cat Package.  No discount will be applied to this package.

…a 50% discount on all wellness services with the exception of the Vet Exam Fee, medications and vaccines purchased by the tray.  No discount will be applied to those services.

All surgical customers will receive the standard surgical package.  We will not use any outside products provided by clients such as heartworm tests and micro-chips.

Health Certificates can not be done on the same day as surgery. These require a wellness appointment on a different day.

Animals rejected for surgery will be charged $30 vet exam fee.

If your organization has appointment blocks for surgery on a specific day, you will need to give 72 hours notice to cancel, or you will be billed a $30 no show fee per appointment missed.

Volume Client Pricing for Bulk Items

No additional discounts apply.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.  We do not necessarily carry all bulk items in the quantities you may need.  These orders will need to be called in by Friday noon to receive them by Tuesday.  You must pick bulk items up at the Spring clinic.

Nobivac Vaccines Purchased by the Tray

DA2PP 25 Count - $85.00

DA2PP+Lepto 25 Count - $115.00

FVRCP 25 Count - $75.00

FeLV 25 Count - $250.00

Lepto 25 Count - $100.00

Bordatella Count - $90.00


Syringes 3cc 100 Count Box - $11.00

Heartworm, Flea and Tick Prevention can also be purchased in bulk, but restrictions apply.  A doctor patient relationship must be established with all animals receiving medications.  Please contact Deana at if you would like to discuss this.


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