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Texas Litter Control is partnering with the Red Cross in Harris County to help local fire victims. Many people don't realize how many local families the Red Cross helps a month. It's anywhere between 50 and 100 per month! The Red Cross's primary focus is on the people, but when someone has an emergency like a fire, they don't have any way to help the pets. These families are already overwhelmed and the pets are a huge worry. We need a way to help keep these pets out of the local shelters by providing alternate options. This program is an extension of our Help Me Keep My Pet program.

TLC is working on creating a network of volunteers to help displaced people house their pets for up to 10 days. Pets can include anything from gold fish and turtles to pocket pets to cats and dogs. If the family requires help for more than 10 days, we will be helping them with other options. If you would like to volunteer, you will be added to an "on call" list. You just need to provide your contact information and what types of pets you are able to help with.