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​Things you should know about your community and the cat and dog population your tax dollars are paying for...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  Mahatma Gandhi

Montgomery and Harris County shelters are overrun with unwanted cats and dogs.  Your tax dollars pay to house, care for and kill huge numbers of animals.  Unfortunately, Harris County and the city of Conroe are stuck in a "business as usual" mode and have not embraced new ideas that are working in other communities. Shelters blame irresponsible pet owners.  Rescues, shelters and Veterinary clinics are in a constant fight.  Our community is going to have to work as a team to solve this problem.    We are proud to say that Montgomery County has joined Target Zero and we are hoping to see Harris County follow suit! 

***UPDATE***  March 2018...  Harris County agrees to roll a 3 year pilot program for Community Cats thanks to the hard work of Best Friends Animal Society.  Unfortunately, City of Humble is not participating in any community cat program.

***UPDATE***  December 12, 2016...  Charles Jackson started his first day at MCAS.  He comes from the City of Houston and we are expecting great things out of him!  He has a very proactive, life saving attitude.  More and more cities and counties are realizing the citizens want the shelters to be in the saving lives business.  Not just animal control.  Way to go Montgomery County Commissioners!  

***UPDATE***  July 2016...  The Montgomery County Commissioners approved a much needed budget increase for the Animal Shelter.

***UPDATE***  July 2016...  There are 2 empty cat wards at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  The Community Cat program is really helping get the cats out.  We are starting on the next big project which is spay/neuter in East Montgomery County.  Over 40% of the animals going into the shelter come from East County.  We have begun grant writing and we are researching the HSUS Pets for Life Community Outreach Program.  We are going to need a lot of volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering to help, email Reggie@texaslittercontrol.org.

***UPDATE***  June 2016...  Texas Litter Control is taking all healthy outdoor cats over 2 pounds from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  Healthy, adult cats and feral kittens over 3 pounds are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and then returned to the community they came from.  Addresses are reviewed for safety and to ensure dumped cats are not redumped.  If a home owner is upset or the cat appears to have been dumped to begin with, we put them in the adoption program or they are released on the cat sanctuary.  We are in a unique position due to the fact that we do so many adoptions.  All tame kittens are going into our adoption program.

***UPDATE***  May 2016...  The Montgomery County Commissioner's Court voted to change the county ordinance to protect Community Cats.  You can review the new ordinance here.  The changes made have been adopted by other communities.  Alley Cat Allies and Target Zero's recommendations were taken into account when the ordinance was rewritten.

***UPDATE***  April 2016...  Commissioner Clark has announced that Montgomery County will be proceeding with Target Zero!  We will post information as things develop.  This is a huge step in the right direction.  Target Zero is not coming here to solve our problems.  They are simply a mentor program to help guide through a difficult process.  We still as a community have a long ways to go, but with some guidance on some programs which have worked out at other shelters, we can get to where we need to go!

***UPDATE***  March 2016...  Dr. Todd Hayden, DVM has accepted the position of Director mid-March 2016.  We are 100% behind Dr. Hayden and we are hoping the Commissioners give him the tools he needs to turn the shelter around.  He is going into a horrible position in the worst shelter within our community.  He is going to need all of the support he can get.  Please encourage your Commissioner to support Dr. Hayden in his efforts.  The shelter is over a million dollars underfunded.  With a little money and effort, your shelter can be all it needs to be!

December 2015...  Montgomery County has been the most disappointing. Target Zero accepted the county into a 3 year mentor program to get us to a 90% live release rate.  Our public officials chose to ignore the suggestions.  The contract was not signed so the mentor program is not happening.  Just the fact that the shelter is adopting out animals that are not spayed/neutered shows the lack of education of those in charge.  We were led to believe that our county was going to work on life saving measures, but it is just not the case.  You can review the recommendation report in full and make your own decision about the situation.  It is very important that the general public know that this report was given to the Commissioners in early September and it has yet to be acted upon.

It is important that all concerned citizens become involved - not just the rescue community.  Spaying and neutering is very important, but the shelters need to get with the times and focus on the things that are working in other communities.

Please keep watching our website for updates and insights.  We hope you find it educational and share it with other pet owners.


Elected Officials

Harris County Elected Officials

City of Conroe Elected Officials

Montgomery County Elected Officials

City of Conroe Animal Shelter

TLC did not submit an RFP for 2020/2021.  We received the notice very late and were unable to get any questions answered.  We will be ordering public information requests on the necessary documentation to allow us to put in a proper bid.  The City of Conroe is still refusing to participate in a Community Cat Program.

TLC 2018/2019 RFP to Assume Operations of the Conroe Animal Shelter- This proposal was not accepted.  City Officials do not want to fund the shelter properly in order to save lives.  Per the Chief of Police, they are an Animal Control facility and they are not there to rescue animals.  Our bid was too high because we want to achieve a 90%+ live release rate and provide a valuable service to the citizens of Conroe.  The shelter is currently grossly underfunded.

The City of Conroe Animal Shelter has no website and provides no reporting to the citizens of Conroe concerning how many animals are killed or died in the shelter.  Click here for the 2015 Asilomar Report showing 53% were euthanized, died in care or just lost.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter

Target Zero Report on the Montgomery County Animal Shelter

Montgomery County Animal Shelter Daily Intake Stats

Montgomery County Monthly Intake Stats

TLC RFP MCAS Support - This proposal was not accepted but we continue to work to get these programs in place.

Harris County Animal Shelter

Harris County does not report their statistics to the public.